Day 29 July 14 Sat

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4.1mi to CT4 + .8 to Cornwall Bridge, CT

Housatonic River
Sat was an easy walk several miles along the Housatonic River and one 600′ climb up and over Silver Hill and then down to Cornwall Bridge. Waiting for the family to come pick us up. Gymn and I found a small country store/deli and got lunch and watched the people come and go. It stayed busy for hours.

So far I’ve come 376.1mi and have 711.4mi to Katahdin. About another 8 weeks I should be there, the middle of September.

Day 28 July 13 Fri

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7.3mi to Stewart Hollow Brook Lean-to

Day 27 July 12 Thur

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12.4mi to Mt. Algo Lean-to

Day 26 July 11 Wed

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8.7mi to Wiley (Webatuck) Shelter

Day 25 July 10 Tue

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7.6mi to Telephone Pioneers Shelter
Before we got started for the day I had to adjust Gymn’s pack. I was the last person to use it many years ago so it was still set up to fit me. It had been sliding all over him and already causing problems. I made all the adjustments as small as possible and it was still to big for him. The boy has no meat on his bones. But with some minor tweeking we got it working and off we went. His first official day on the trail.

It was a very hot day felt like it was in the 90s. Very humid, we took lots of rest stops. Stoped at Nuclear pond where we met Catch-Up and C-n-N. Gymn and I jumped in the water to cool off and he spent about 30min trying to catch some of the small fish by hand.
Gymn catching fist by hand in Nuclear Lake

Gymn did very well for his first day with a pack on his back. He even kept a good sense of humor at one point asking since we are going to the Telephone Pioneers Shelter “Is there a phone at the shelter I can use?” LOL I had to explaine there was no power or phones at any of the shelters.

When we got to the shelter Catch-up and C-n-N were already there and had eaten. So Gymn and I found places for our tents behind the shelter. Set up then made dinner.

Day 24 July 9 Mon

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2.5mi to Morgan Stewart Shelter
My nephew Jacob had gotten back to the house last night from his trip with the family to the Maine house. This morning we packed clothes, tent and food. I let him choose what ever he wanted to eat for the next five days. Everything fit into my old pack. We were late getting back to the trail I had wanted to be back by noon but it was now about 6:30p. Luckly the trail was easy and short. As soon as were away from the family I explained to Jacob that he didn’t have to call me uncle on the trail and that my trail name was Segue. I also told him he could choose his own trail name. After some thought he came up with Gymn a character from a book he had read.

Morgan Stewart Shelter Tue morning
We made shelter just at dark. Got his bed roll set up and went to find the privy and water source. We slept in the shelter that night since there was only one other person. With misquotes attacking we slept. The next morning as we were getting water Laredo showed up I hadn’t seen him since the Allentown Shelter.

Day 23 July 8 Sun

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5.9mi to NY52 and deli

Day 22 July 7 Sat

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17.6mi to Shenandoah Tenting Area

Day 21 July 6 Fri

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15.2mi to Graymoor Friary

Day 21 July 5 Thur

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5.3mi to William Brien Memorial Shelter

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