Day 31 May 31

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18.1 mi to Shanindoah Tenting Area

Secong day out big easy miles. Gpt a good early start about 9a. Feeling great. Felt like rain it did sprinkle on and off all day. At lunch stopped at spicket to fill up on water and were met with trail magic by former ’05t hrough hikers. two girls known as the Laugh Factory. Had ice water fresh fruit and snacks! With more the 10mi still to go headed out. Definaty felt out of shape every little climb was tough and tok wind out. Stopped several times to chatch up. Then as making tha final two mile push the skys opened up as a clod thunder storm rolled in and soaked us. Made camp around 8p. Met Master Alex.


Day 30 May 30 2008

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7.1 Miles Bear Mountain Zoo to Graymore Fryery

Got late satrt. Stopped at Campmor for stuff, Platipus water bag. Then to friends of Sir B Floyd’s to catch a ride 15 min to Bear Mtn Bridge. Hit the trail about 3p across the bridgr then up. Only seven miles on first day. Good break in. Easy miles. In camp by 6:30p. Ordered pizza (because we could), very rare on the trail. Staying at Graymore Fryery ball field. First day back feels good, feet strong some aches and pains. Met Trill, and Allgood.

it’s time

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The hardest part is getting to the point of taking the very first step on the trail. It’s all gravy after that!

So here it is the morning of. I’ve been up since 5:30a after not getting to bed until 1:30a. I am missing a few very important items such as the top for my pack, water reservoir, and a 2gal collapsible water bag. All very important and I have no clue where they have gotten to. Okay time for one last shower. Clothes, check. Pack, check. bounce box, check.

enjoy life and always remember to breathe!


Well thats it then!

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or… I got bettah, no really I’m feeling like I could go for a walk.

Here it is seven months since my last account of life, now within the month of getting back on trail with the good Sir B. Floyd. Sitting here surrounded by food, boxes, hiking stuff and two of my cats. Bea and Inky who are both with me due to health related reasons. Persephone is staying with my sister. My last official day at work was yesterday Saturday 17th. Now its just move forward making 70 days worth of food so I don’t have to eat nuts and berries I pick along the trail to survive.

All of the sets are complete at the museum. I was able to finnish the Hill Climb several weeks ago. Lots of cement and “Real Dirt” because “Nothing looks more like dirt then real dirt” -Doc. I was also able to talk him into printing and redoing several of the large format backdrops, with thanks to Suzie at Berry&Homer look fantastic. Thanks again Suzie for all your help. Its been a year and a half of hard work and long hours. Especially these last few months getting the sets done and the floors finally finished so the cars could be moved into place. We were suppose to open on the 15th but that date has ben pushed back so all the final details can be sorted out and finished up. I will be going in a couple days this week to finish up with the network and run the crew when my brother isn’t there.

Now on to better things, walking. This year I have been preparing, sorting through my equipment, making improvements and lightening my load where ever possible. My goal is to loose 10 pack pounds. My pack always felt much better around 30lbs then when I was hauling 40lbs around. I am now up to my eyeballs in boxes and food. I have been buying everything in bulk, people look at you really funny when you go through the checkout with 20 of something. Most of my bulk items I was able to find online but my calculations were way off. If anyone needs a case and a half of TVP your welcome to it or a case of butter buds or Dehydrated Milk Powder or Potato Buds or… Well you get the picture. If not I could draw you a lil 5×4″ diagram on both sides with which to explain the ridicules amount of food I have around me. My only concerns are the post Lyme health issues I’m still dealing with. Mostly I fatigue very quickly and the sore painful joints. The Docs’ don’t seem to think I have Lyme left in me after all the meds I was on and took for about 6 months. I just know before I got it I didn’t feel this way and after I now feel like an old person.

Okay thats all my brain has for now. I will try to update this again before I leave on the 29th of May. Oh yeah! I never mentioned that we are scheduled to get on the trail at Bear Mountain NY on the 29th of May, myself (Segue) and the good Sir B. Floyd of the Shelves Lodge 23.


Ummmm what is a FAQ?
-Stop here turn off your thinkin’ box and run far far far away!

You’re still here great! Please continue.

Why no I’m Segue and stop calling me serious, I never joke or kidd around!

Yes if this wasn’t a true desire and love I wouldn’t think about strapping weight to my back, boots on my feet and walking in the woods for months at a time. Besides where else can you go for a week without taking a shower or washing your hair and it be totally acceptable?

How will you carry that much food?
There are what we call mail drops. Every five to ten days or so you come through or close enough to a town that has a Post Office and we send ourselves care packages of enough food and resupplies to last till the next drop.

Yes thoughtful gifts from friends are always welcome we call those “Trail Magic”. Just remember what ever you may send I have to carry on my back. Information on mail drops is here, including approximate dates that I will be walking through that town.

Where do you stay?
I am carrying my entire home on my back. Including my house which just happens to be big enough for two IF you snuggle and spoon really close. There are also a series of Lean-tos’ or shelters spread along the entire trail at about a days walk. Plus of course those glorious “zero” days we take when we come to a town, get a room, take showers and drink beer. Mmmmmmm Beeeeeeeer Gooooooood!