Home again home again

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Or how I snuck into Mobile and got blisters on my feet.

I’ve walked just short of 1,000mi on the AT without a blister I walk 3mi from midtown Mobile to the Bike Shop and have one blister on each foot. Go figure. So here it is Mardi Gras 2009. I made it down to Mobile to visit, party, and work. I figure two years away is long enough to be away and make the homecoming sweet. Yes I flew on Friday the 13th with no fear. Left Philly it was dark and in the 30s got to Mobile it was 60s 100% humidity (surprise surprise) and raining (surprise surprise). Stopped in Forelocks to see the world famous hairdresser Dawn. With clouds rolling in again I made it to the Bike Shop just as it started to let loose. I figured if Jim wasn’t going to return any of my phone calls, I would just have to show up and see what unfolds.

It seems things do change! When I left there were only a couple people working each side. Now, there are about 500. They have expanded to serve Mexican food on the Bike Shop side of life. Changes everywhere, someone stole the secret house that was in the back courtyard. So Now they are building expanding and keeping things interesting as always. The food is good the beers are cold and the people friendly.

It was really good to see a lot of my friends all on the same night. Play catch up on all our stories and lives. It rained all night, even so the Incas still paraded. Nothing stops the Gras!

Got in town just in time for Valentines Day. Single, in the friendly city of love. I wonder what will unfold I guess I will have to just find out.