Greetings from Central VA

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or yes I am still walking despite the VA blues

I am currently 813.4mi into this year. That puts me at Fish Hatchery Road in VA. For the past two years I have been hearing from Sir Boy Floyd about Earl and Lois that run the Dutch Haus B&B in Montebello VA. “You Must stay here!!! they are Fantastic!!!!” he would say. Well know I know just how fantastic they are. They have taken us into their home fed us and shuttled us all over this state so we can slack pack.

There has been so much going on so many miles walked. I have no internet access so there haven’t been regular updates. VA is a beautiful state to walk through, although very long some 540+mi. It seems like it will never end. The only real way to gauge distance is when you finish one map and move onto the next. I am about 274mi from my goal of Pine Grove Furnace PA the mileage half way point of the trail. My friends have come out to spend days or weeks walking with me. Allgood met me at War Spur Shelter and walked for five days with me till Dragons Tooth, till we met up with Boy Floyd. Then Boy Floyd took over in Daleville and will be keeping me company till we both reach Katahdin. His knee recovered from fluid and growing to the size of a grapefruit. His joy, humor and happy go lucky attitude are a welcome addition. I have been feeding off his energy to help motivate me.

I have been meeting lots of incredible people this year. Frank-n-Foot, Willow, Phoenix Rising, Maui Bob, Rocky (from the next town over in Maine and also lived in Mobile for a year. How weird is that?) Narly, Houdini, Jungli, there are more I know I’m forgetting. Houdini joined our walk just south or Daleville, at route 641. Floyd and I got a ride from the HoJo back to the road crossing where Allgood jumped off. There was Houdini, whom I had met prior at the Fellowship Theater (I have for some reason started calling shelters, “theaters”). She was having a bad time and needed someone to walk with for a while. She is a great addition to our friendship we welcome her and shes just so darn adorable. Plus now Floyd and I have a new person to share and rehash all our old stories with.

I have walked lots of long days and lots of short days that that all seem to blur together. It is after all just walking. But it was great and amazing to be up on McAfee Knob with Floyd who had never been to the edge before sitting out there with me. Despite having been up to that spot on several prior occasions. I also found a beautiful campsite just passed Rice Field where I spent one glorious night watching an amazing sunset. Then stayed till 1p the next day chatting with every hiker that came by before I realized I had 20mi to walk to meet up with Allgood at War Spur.