Day 42 June 12

Posted in Hike '08 at 7:20 pm by segue

17.6 mi to Kaywood Lean-to

Beautiful day for a walk! Ma finally gave in and gave us a day without huge rocks, swamp, rain, or high temps.

After eating our weight in “PANCAKES!” Every few minutes we would hear Penny scream from the back kitchen PANCAKES! and Mike would stop what every story he was in the middle of weaving, run into the cabin and fetch the latest batch of hot PANCAKES! they started out as raspberry and blackberry. By the end they had broken into their stash of blueberries and made several rounds of blueberry PANCAKES!

After eating as much as our bellies would hold we napped until noon.

We passed several lakes and beaver ponds. Saw to Great Blue Loons. Got to the first lean-to about 4p and still had 8.8mi to go before dark. Easy flat walk beautiful blue skies with a beautiful sunset.

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