Day 4 April 14

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3mi Woods Hole –> Neels Gap

Short day into Neels Gap. Woke to rain still falling so packed inside tent when I came out had to play “Where is my food bag?”. At camp we hang our food bags from branches about 15′ up for they are not as likely to be gotten by bears or other critters. Well something small got mine a squirrel or racoon ate through my bag. I found a nice neat pile of what was left about 20′ away. Since I was going into Neels Gap the next day I only had a couple bars left. But they also ate my honey and soap. I collected what was left and headed out.

Short steep climb 4461′ to the highest point in GA. Blood Mt. totaly socked in fog so no views. The shelter is an old one made of stone kinda spooky. Made even spookier by the mist and clouds. Headed down hill into Neels Gap.

The Walasi-Yi Center is the only building on the AT that the trail goes through the breezeway. Its also an outfitter and hostel. Traditionaly where through hikers get there first equipment shakedown. I had my first drop box sent there and was looking forward to a hot shower and warm dry bed for the night, and as Terrapin Flyer said “I’m probably the only person to go into Neels and not buy any new equipment.”

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