Day 8 April 18

Posted in Hike '09 at 4:34 pm by segue

16.6mi Plumorchard –> Beech Gap

Slept till 8:30 got a slow start to a beautiful hot day. Still felt a little weak but ate a big breakfast and drank a lot more water before getting started. Legs weak but taking it easy. Made the GA/NC border in 4.3mi Waaa-Hooooo! One down and five to go. NC really wanted to let you know you were no longer in GA. Trail maientance changed and two big steep climbs as soon as in NC. Made it to Muskrat Creek Shelter for lunch, “Come for the Muskrat stay for the Muskrat Love”. after a good long lunch headed out 4.9 for Standing Indian Shelter.

Note to self stay away from shelters during the weekend!!! All the sudden there were people everywhere. Boy Scout Troup and weekend Nancys. Somehow I missed the shelter and ended up on top of Standing Indian Mt. 5498′. Well I was away from eveyone now I just needed to find a water source. Three miles downhill to Beech Gap and a “water” source which was a muddy trickle but better then nothing. I made it into camp by dark cooked good hot dinner and crawled into my bag.

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