4 days to Fontana Dam

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It was a race to Fontana to met up with Hometown!

April 21 6mi to campsite got out of Franklin much much later then I should have. I had four days to do about 70 miles and this wasn’t a great start but at least I was able to leave. Its hard once you get a zero under your belt to want to really get back on the trail. Esp leaving good friends. Black Betty drove me back out to the trail head, opened the door and told me to get out! LOL just kidding.

April 22 18mi Cold Spring Shelter. Met Moe, Red Lion, and C.J.

April 23 20mi Very hot day stopped a lot for breaks. First 13mi feeling good. When I got Down into the gorge at N.O.C. there is an outfitter, resturant and hostel there. Took a long afternoon break to get out of the heat and then at 4:30 pushed on. What Hometown said was an “easy” climb. 7mi uphill with a elevation gain of about 4,ooo’. I was expecting to get a few more miles in this day but it was getting dark and the shelter was there.

April 24 22mi – 14mi = 8mi Did the 8mi into Stacoah Gap got in about noon. Only had about 14 mi to Fontana Dam to meet Hometown, but couldn’t get there in time to get my mail drop. So Hometown and Black Betty picked me up on the way. It was great to see them again and catch a hitch.

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