Day 3 April 13

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12mi Gooch Mt. –> Blood Mt.

Woke to rain, overcast and cold. Body felt good after night sleep. Met Tom starting through hike and two guys from the Marines out for ten days. Made it to the base of Blood Mt. at Woods Hole Shelter when it started to rain. I threw my tent up fast climed in and used the last of my water to make some hot dinner and tea with lots of honey. Climed into my warm dry sleeping bag and slept, till… Mice running laps around my tent. Scrounging through the leaves for mice type things. Every once in a while they would run into my tent “BONK” and wake me up but didnt cause and harm.


Day 2 April 12

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7.2mi Hawk Mt. to Gooch Mt. Shelter

Woke late to a beautiful day, full sun, blue skys felt wonderful warm. Legs felt good and strong. Everything just starting to explode with color. Trails in GA. well groomed path no rocks. Looks as if they pulled all the rocks out of the trails. Stoped early listening to body hips sore, don’t want to push to hard to fast.


Day 1 April 11

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Hello, my name is Segue and I am a compulsive hiker.

I flew into Charlotte on Friday met by my sis Jen at the airport. I got in to town just before all the nastyness of hail, rain, tornaidos hit. Oh lucky me the trail knows I’m coming back and is getting ready for me.

We left from Charlotte early Saturday morning for the five hour drive to Springer Mt GA. Stopping at a Waffle House for a good breakfast. After many a miles of jarring back woods roads in the fog we made it to the Springer Mt. parking lot just .9 from the top. Jen walked up to the summit with me. The views were breathtaking! It was so foggy and socked in we almost walked right by the summit plaques. She took a few good pics of me and we headed back down to the car. It was 2:30p and I had many a mile to walk.

7.8mi to Hawk Mt. Shelter by 5:30p I was feeling good and seemed like a nice first shelter to stop into. I met Dusty starting a through hike and several section hikers. One Lady come over from Scottland to walk up to Harpers Ferry WV.


Home again home again

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Or how I snuck into Mobile and got blisters on my feet.

I’ve walked just short of 1,000mi on the AT without a blister I walk 3mi from midtown Mobile to the Bike Shop and have one blister on each foot. Go figure. So here it is Mardi Gras 2009. I made it down to Mobile to visit, party, and work. I figure two years away is long enough to be away and make the homecoming sweet. Yes I flew on Friday the 13th with no fear. Left Philly it was dark and in the 30s got to Mobile it was 60s 100% humidity (surprise surprise) and raining (surprise surprise). Stopped in Forelocks to see the world famous hairdresser Dawn. With clouds rolling in again I made it to the Bike Shop just as it started to let loose. I figured if Jim wasn’t going to return any of my phone calls, I would just have to show up and see what unfolds.

It seems things do change! When I left there were only a couple people working each side. Now, there are about 500. They have expanded to serve Mexican food on the Bike Shop side of life. Changes everywhere, someone stole the secret house that was in the back courtyard. So Now they are building expanding and keeping things interesting as always. The food is good the beers are cold and the people friendly.

It was really good to see a lot of my friends all on the same night. Play catch up on all our stories and lives. It rained all night, even so the Incas still paraded. Nothing stops the Gras!

Got in town just in time for Valentines Day. Single, in the friendly city of love. I wonder what will unfold I guess I will have to just find out.


Happy Birthday Hermine

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Or off trail for this year

The walking has been called off due to rain, slop, mud, wet panties and boots fullof water. I will update more when I have a better connection. Floyd is still on trail I will be picking him up in Monson on Wednesday.

For now it’s Herminie’s Birthday. Let’s see if you really did remember to check in on us, and have you read the seventh book so we can finally talk about it? I hope you get everything you desire and deserve. Drop me a comment and let know!


Catching up with Segue

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or… Lost in the wilds of the AT

Okay So I haven’t been updating. But please let me explain. Out of twenty eight days on the trail about twenty three of those have been in the rain. Either raining on us soaking everything. raining all night long and waking up in a stream that wasn’t there the night before, or overcast all day and cold so nothing drys out. When it rains it’s harder to do the miles we need to so we are behind a few days. Also haven’t had internet access. When I get back to my sisters on the 10th-15th I will update the images I’ve been taking and catch everyone up on the travels.


Day 49 June 19

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20mi to Manchester Center VT.

Nothing like puling a -1.4mi then 19mi day and finishing it off with a 20mi day just to make it back into another town where our drop boxes are. Woke up to another cold wet day, rained all night. Looked out and Floyd had made it into camp after I fell asleep. Climbed Straton Mt. 3936′ Cold climb lots of fog. Shooting to get into town tonight pushing the final 10mi. Long and tired from yesterdays long miles. Floyd keeping up we humped hard into town and thumbed a ride to Avalanche Motel.

Downhill fast three mile
On wobbly legs
In Drunkin Monkey Style


Day 48 June 18

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19mi to Story Spring Shelter

Making up our 1.4mi from the day before. Cold very long day. But our clothes were clean and dry. 10mi up Glastonbury Mt. Overcast day but feeling much better after laundry with a deli inside and several pints of ice cream. Got to Story Spring and into the tent just before the rain started up again by 7:30p


Dy 47 June 17

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-1.4mi into Bennington

Wet!!! Woke up rain falling everything wet, socks, shorts, shirt, tent. Even tried to start a small fire to dry out. Couldn’t even get paper to catch and burn. It started to rain again and I lost spoony! Wet and mud starting to get to me. Cold low 40ºs so what to do. Back track 1.4mi to RT9 and catch a ride into Bennington.

Saw Cara and Erica sitting in the parking area. Thinking the same as Floyd and I. Time off get dry. They went to the right into Jamaica and we headed to the left into Bennington. Always seems we are heading in the opposite direction.


Day 46 June 16

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13mi to Melville Naubien

Woke up late after rain all night. Got out started to rain, ducked into Congdon Shelter. Saw All good there playing his mandolin. Everyone cold and wet. Shelter full people were coming in wet. We ate dinner then headed out 5.8mi to Melville humping hard to stay ahead of the thunder and rain. Made it into camp just before total dark. Shelter already packed full. Found a flat space set up tent. Rained all night.

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