Ummmm what is a FAQ?
-Stop here turn off your thinkin’ box and run far far far away!

You’re still here great! Please continue.

How long will that take?
Well this year I will be going 786.5mi From Bear Mt., NY to Mt Katahdin in Baxtor State Park, ME. At an average of 12mi a day it will take between 60 and 70 days. I hope!

Why no I’m Segue and please stop calling me serious, I never joke or kidd around!

Yes if this wasn’t a true desire and love I wouldn’t think about strapping weight to my back, boots on my feet and walking in the woods months at a time. Besides where else can you go for a week without taking a shower or washing your hair and it be totally acceptable?

How will you carry that much food?
There are what we call mail drops. Every five to ten days or so you come through or close enough to a town that has a Post Office. We send ourselves care packages of enough food and resupplies to last till the next drop. That way some of us keep our pack weight below 50 pounds.

Yes thoughtful gifts from friends are always welcome we call those “Trail Magic”. Just remember what ever you may send I have to carry on my back. Information on mail drops is here, including approximate dates that I will be walking through that area.

Where do you stay?
Well I am carrying my entire home on my back. Including my house which just happens to be big enough for two IF you snuggle and spoon really close. There are also a series of Lean-tos’ or shelters spread out along the entire trail about a days walk. Plus of course those glorious “zero” days we take when we come to a town, get a room, take showers and drink beer. Mmmmmmm Beeeeeeeer Gooooooood!